July 11, 2015

Are you a smoothie junkie? Enjoy a fantastic health!

Smoothies… It seems people have become obsessed with this type of drink. If you are a healthy smoothie lover, congrats, guys, you have a better chance of living a healthier and longer life. Why are smoothies so popular these days? I receive many messages and emails every day that contain a similar question. I can proudly say that I’m a smoothie junkie and I do like to recommend people to include both fruit and green smoothies in their daily eating plans.
Smoothies are fortified with vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants that help you stay healthy day by day. They are good for everyone – for those who are trying to put on weight and those who want to shed some pounds. Starting day with a green smoothie is an instant way to boost your energy, speed up your metabolism, detoxify your body and kick-start your brain. The benefits of consuming smoothies are endless. Give them a try and you’ll feel all of those benefits. If you are already a huge smoothie lover, don’t break this habit and don’t feel ashamed of being a little bit obsessed with smoothies. I can’t stop experimenting with new smoothie recipes and I don’t care when others say I need to stop following any smoothie trends.