April 13, 2012

Pork bone seafood tsukemen from Menya Shinchan

I suppose all that was really interesting here these days for me was the types of broth for their ramen which I haven't really tried in entirety. This pork bone seafood broth seems to be a tonkotsu variant which reminded me a lot of a very thick fish soup with bits of braised charshu. Possibly from bonito stock. While I couldn't quite place my finger to what about it that was tonkotsu, it certainly carried enough elements of that to remind me so. On the other hand, I probably might not have identified the pork bone base in a blind taste test.

The thick noodles were firm and chewy but weren't chilled as I was expecting. It wasn't the most exciting of ramen, but it did the job of a quick dinner that also didn't make me perspire overly in the humid evening. I did finish up most of that soup there as well.