January 15, 2012

Lucky People with Loaded Fridges

And yesterday, I was one of them. Guess I should be - or at least I should know I am - seeing I'm the one doing most of our grocery shopping. But you know how it is: sometimes, the fridge and vegetable basket is just one big, blank, empty nothing. Either that, or my brain is one big: but how on earth can I put these things together and make them into something good?

Last night, my brain was my friend (maybe it's all the studying I've been doing lately that's making it try harder?) and the fridge was well stocked with jewels of spring. So I had this for dinner: freshly shelled peas, avocado, finely sliced radishes, baby salad leaves, cucumber, croutons and crumbled bacon. A spritz of lemon, a glug of good olive oil, salt, pepper - and a spoonful of homemade mayo for the croutons. Welcome back in my kitchen, spring!:-)