January 15, 2012

Back to School and School Lunches. Oh Yes.

It's back to school again! I really, REALLY need to get sensible about bringing lunch to school, 'cause the stuff I can get there ain't exactly three starred cuisine - but then again, it is expensive, so who can blame them?!?:-P

Therefore, I'm scouring magazines, books, blogs and websites for nice, little brown-bag'able items - if you've got any you know of, do let me know! (I'm trying Brandon's Chickpeas today)

This here is a salad inspired by Nigella, From Nigella Bites, I think. She uses leftover baked potatoes (a good thing in a lunch-to-bring-item: that it uses leftovers, and that you're able to put things together in the evening before) top them with a good dose of Maldon sea salt, sumac, lemon, olive oil and a sprinkling of parsley, should you feel so inclined.

I took it a step further and crumbled a nice cow's milk feta into the cut-up potatoes, added slivers of roasted red pepper and a fine dice of celery (because I had celery languishing in the fridge and no, I'm not throwing things out, remember?) Add to that lemon, sumac, olive oil, pepper and salt and a heavy dose of coarsely chopped parsley and I was fit for a day of 8 am -10 pm running-from-class-to-class-to-job-to-the-other-job-day. Oh yes, and one of the benefits of this salad is that it's actually best at room temperature - which face it, it will be, after having been lugged around like my lunch frequently does...