January 25, 2012

A quick dinner

So, my blogging frequency: way down. Sorry. Can't say it'll change, because right now, being pregnant with my second, I'm not feeling 100% and I'm definitely not cooking a whole lot. (If it was up to me, I'd probably live off bagels.)

Still, I want to keep the blog going, and I'll definitely make an effort to post at least a few times per week. For now, here's a really simple but delicious dinner idea, perfect for a weeknight. The base is risoni pasta (called orzo in some places - basically it's rice-shaped pasta) tossed with pesto (and an optional spoonful of cream), topped with whatever you like. We had tomatoes, edamame beans, and feta cheese. Fried halloumi or bacon are wonderful as well, pickled red onions is another great addition, cubed avocado... Well, it's versatile. And we usually serve everything in separate bowls, so you can mix and match.